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Have been experimenting with the new Twitter fad — http://twitter.com/kathyt923

So far it’s better than facebook


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There has been some sort of “Super Bug” living in my house the past few months. Herman began getting sick just before Thanksgiving and after many weeks of being he merely had a virus a dose of antibiotics fixed his issues. Kat came down with the same thing just after Christmas and a round of antibiotics was all it took for her to get better. I on the other hand have now taken 3 rounds of antibiotics since Thanksgiving. I have gone through an upper respiratory infection, a sinus infections and now I am battling bronchitis.  Here’s hoping that attacking everything in the house with Lysol, Clorox wipes, and straight up bleach will kill it.

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I just wanted to apologize for such a slim number of updates lately. We are now in the full swing of Christmas plans. It has been very crazy around here with both Kat and Holly having such full social calendars. We have all been sick at some point since Halloween with various illnesses. Our little exchange group has to see two of the members off this coming weekend. It will involve two separate days of driving to Savannah for us, but we want to be there, so that the students will know that yes they did touch all of our lives.

Hopefully after Christmas, I will have the time and energy to post somke updates and brag a little about how well both Kat and Holly have been doing in school and outside of school.

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Yesterday was election day.  Holly and I went in to vote around 2 pm.  There was absolutely no line.  I thought it was important for Holly to see the American electoral process in action.  I am not going to tell you who I voted for, but let’s just say that my side didn’t win in every political race.  i was very surprised that no even questioned my having Holly at the voting terminal with me, but I guess that is small town American South for you.  They actually at first thought she was there to vote.

Here are the election resultes from Swainsboro, Georgia as printed in the local paper, The Forest Blade .

Emanuel County preliminary election results are in
Published: Tuesday, November 4, 2008 10:09 PM EST
As of press time on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 13 of 14 precincts reported their unofficial and incomplete voting results. The fourteenth precinct is the provisional precinct, which is where those with difficulty voting are counted. The results for that precinct will be available Thursday.

For County Commissioner District 3, Democratic Incumbent Brad Hooks received 679 votes or 41.28%. Republican Hugh Foskey received 965 votes or 58.66%. There was one write in or 0.06% of the vote.

For Board of Education District 1, Democratic Incumbent Loy D. Cowart received 828 votes or 74.19%. Republican Kennedy Lacue received 287 votes or 25.72%. There was one write in or 0.09% of the vote.

For State House Representative 156, Republican Incumbent Butch Parrish received 5066 votes or 70.99%. Democrat Jonathan McCollar received 2068 votes or 28.98%. There were two write ins or 0.03% of the vote.

For U.S. House 12 Congress, Democratic Incumbent John Barrow received 4283 votes or 55.2%. Republican John Stone received 3474 votes or 44.77%. There were two write ins for 0.03% of the vote.

For President of the United States, Republican John McCain received 5105 votes or 61.96%. Democrat Barack Obama received 3060 votes or 37.14%. Libertarian Bob Barr received 56 votes or 0.68%. There were 18 write ins for 0.22% of the vote.

For U.S. Senate, Republican Incumbent Saxby Chamblis received 4289 votes or 59.61%. Democrat Jim Martin received 3073 votes or 40.78%. Independent Allen Buckley received 171 votes or 2.27%. There were three write ins for 0.04% of the vote.

Copyright © 2008 – The Forest Blade

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One of my favorite magazines is coming to TV tonight !!!!  Thank heaven for TIVO as I will be trying to stay dry at the SwainsboroDublin game tonight ..  Go Tigers !!!!  

REAL SIMPLE. REAL LIFE. Premieres tonight on TLC!

Today at 11:18am
The new lifestyle makeover series REAL SIMPLE. REAL LIFE. helps busy women tackle their daily challenges, sharing strategies to help make life easier. Each week the show features a 360-degree lifestyle makeover, using best-in-class experts to help women identify their day-to-day challenges, offering realistic solutions and “aha” tips so that they can live an even better life.

REAL SIMPLE. REAL LIFE. premieres Friday October 17, 2008 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Read more about the show and check out exclusive content at http://www.realsimplereallife.com.

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This is something I would be interested in if it weren’t on a weeknight.  Too much goes on during the week for me to drive to Savannah. 😦







The National Weather Service Office in Charleston, SC, in conjunction with the

Chatham County Emergency Management Agency, will be offering a Weather

Spotter Training Class on November 6, 2009. The cost of the training is


FREE , but space is limited. If you are a weather enthusiast, and are interested in this

great opportunity to serve your community, be sure to reserve your spot by

November 5

th, 2008.  Weather spotters have served as the “eyes” of the National Weather Service for

more than 60 years, assisting in the process to warn their communities of

potentially hazardous weather. Although the National Weather Service utilizes

the cutting edge technology, such as: Doppler Radar and hi-resolution satellite

imagery, nothing has proven more effective than the human eye to observe and

report adverse weather.

This training session will last approximately 90 minutes, and will focus on

preparing individuals to report severe weather, including: funnel clouds,

tornadoes, hail, damaging wind and flooding rainfall. In addition, the importance

of weather safety when observing and reporting critical weather will be


We look forward to seeing you on November 6th.

Training Details



Chatham County Annex; 295 Police Memorial Drive, Savannah, GA



6:30 PM



Dustin Hetzel @ (912) 201-4500 or DJHetzel@chathamcounty.org to

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I admit I’m not much of a coffee drinker myself, but is this for real??? I am hoping someone out there can tell me if they really do this at Starbucks shops. I can’t beleive that no one has ever noticed this before in all the years the coffee shops have been around.

Here’s the article that appeared in The Sun — http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1771553.ece

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “waste not, want not“, posted with vodpod



Needless to say, we don’t have a Starbucks in Swainsboro, so I can’t just run down to the corner and investigate for myself.

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