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Well, Holly has been with us a little over two weeks now.  It has been an adjustment period for everyone involved.  I have finally gotten my room all straightened out and my bathroom is back in order also.  Now I don’t feel like I am living in a hotel room.  It’s back to being an oasis in the middle of the chaos that is life with two teenage girls.

Holly and Kat went to the DEA (David Emanuel Academy) scrimmage game with Kat’s boyfriend, Cameron Friday night.  It was Holly’s first experience with high school football.  They had a good time.  DEA lost the game, but I have been told that is nothing new.

Kelley's dog's puppies a week or so after they were born

Kelley's dog's puppies a week or so after they were born

Today Kat went over to Kelley’s house to help bathe the 1 month old puppies.  Holly was going to until she was invited by another friend to go hang out, etc.  She and her friend from school went to Statesboro and saw The Dark Knight.  It was of course Holly’s second time seeing the movie.  I am glad she is making friends her own age and experiencing life like any other American teenager.

I am trying to plan a girl’s shopping trip to the Tanger outlet in Hilton Head, SC .  I want Herman’s younger sister, Mandy to come along as well.  I think we all need to go do something fun and Holly probably needs some new clothes. The agency and airline would only let her bring 2 suitcases with her.  Even if she only stays 5 months, she didn’t get to bring nearly enough clothes. 

Holly is taking U.S History and a literature course that concentrating on American authors.  This means that I am in a sense repeating U.S. History, 20 years after I graduated high school.  So far the focus of American history is dealing with Unions and the pros & cons of this on society.  I also get to repeat this next year when Kat takes it next year.


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