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This is something I would be interested in if it weren’t on a weeknight.¬† Too much goes on during the week for me to drive to Savannah. ūüė¶







The National Weather Service Office in Charleston, SC, in conjunction with the

Chatham County Emergency Management Agency, will be offering a Weather

Spotter Training Class on November 6, 2009. The cost of the training is


FREE , but space is limited. If you are a weather enthusiast, and are interested in this

great opportunity to serve your community, be sure to reserve your spot by

November 5

th, 2008.¬† Weather spotters have served as the ‚Äúeyes‚ÄĚ of the National Weather Service for

more than 60 years, assisting in the process to warn their communities of

potentially hazardous weather. Although the National Weather Service utilizes

the cutting edge technology, such as: Doppler Radar and hi-resolution satellite

imagery, nothing has proven more effective than the human eye to observe and

report adverse weather.

This training session will last approximately 90 minutes, and will focus on

preparing individuals to report severe weather, including: funnel clouds,

tornadoes, hail, damaging wind and flooding rainfall. In addition, the importance

of weather safety when observing and reporting critical weather will be


We look forward to seeing you on November 6th.

Training Details



Chatham County Annex; 295 Police Memorial Drive, Savannah, GA



6:30 PM



Dustin Hetzel @ (912) 201-4500 or DJHetzel@chathamcounty.org to


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We have been very busy this week since Holly’s arrival.¬† She arrived August 1st.¬† It was a long night due to the fact that her flight was delayed two hours and they didn’t have any of her bags.¬†

Waiting for Holly's Arrival

Waiting for Holly's Arrival

The airline delivered her luggage in two trips Рthe first on Saturday afternoon around 4ish and the other about  11:30 PM on Saturday night.  I know because I was awake after giving the 2nd courier directions around 10 PM.  It took all of us all weekend to recover from the events at the airport.

By Monday we were showing Holly around town.¬† We spread out the sights over a few days.¬† Tuesday and Thursday, Holly accompanied Katie to Band camp and Wednesday both girls went to Open House.¬† Friday was the first day of school and Holly had already met many people at school.¬† I’m glad she was able to ease into the chaos of high school.¬† I know she’s in a high school type setting at home, but I think it is probably a little overwhelming being in a high school and being surrounded by people speaking in a foreign language.¬†

Everyone keeps asking if Holly speaks English.  She speaks English very well.  Of course she struggles for the correct word every now and again, but other than that she is doing well.  I think she is fitting into our family very well. 

Lounging On Tybee

Lounging On Tybee



This past weekend we went to Tybee Island and spent time with the other exchange students.¬† Herman, Katie, Holly and I had a condo, so everyone had a place to clean up after the beach on Sunday.¬† Our area representatives were there as well as Jessica, whose family is hosting one of the other exchange students. There are 5 total that are going to Swainsboro High School right now – one from Norway, one from Brazil, one from Italy, and two from Germany including our Holly.¬† The students all seem very friendly, except for the boy from Germany who is very shy and doesn’t say much in English.¬† All the students enjoyed hanging out on the beach.¬†

We also took Holly to see The Dark Knight, which wasn’t out in Germany when she left.¬† Holly also wanted to do some shopping, so we took them to Savannah Mall ¬†and Oglethorpe Mall.¬† I have to plan a day to go to Atlanta to do some real shopping soon

I think I almost have my house back together again after moving¬†all of my stuff¬†out of Holly’s room.

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Holly arrives tomorrow evening.¬† We’ll leave when Herman gets home from work to drive to the Savannah-Hilton Head Airport¬†to meet her plane.¬† Well I say meet her plane, but since 9/11, of course, all we can do is wait on Level 2 in the common area.¬† It seems like such a long time ago, when you could go right to the gate and watch the plane land, etc.¬† Katie made a big poster to welcome her.¬† We’ve seen pictures and all, but we want to make sure she feels welcome in America.¬† It will be¬†a long night, but I am very excited that this day has finally come.¬† Our area representative is going to meet us at the airport so he can meet her with us in case there are any questions.¬†

I think we are going to take all the exchange students in our area (there are 4 or 5 total) to Tybee Island¬†next weekend.¬† Seth wants to take them all to the beach while it’s still warm. I guess the upper 90’s is what you’d call warm.¬† Because 2 of the students are girls and Seth isn’t 21 yet, all the overnight trips require an “adult” chaperone.¬† Herman and I will be filling in that spot.¬† It will be an adventure to say the least.¬† He also wants to take them down on River Street in Savannah¬†.¬† I also thought this would give the students a chance to pick up any odds and ends they might have forgotten at home.¬† Swainsboro is a small town and doesn’t have much variety as far as retail shopping goes.¬† Savannah has two malls and plenty of shopping of every variety.

Off to bed now to rest up for tomorrow’s adventure…..

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We are still in the process of getting ready for Holly’s arrival from Germany.¬† I think she’ll be here in about 3 weeks. Yesterday we went to Savannah to do some shopping in preparation.¬† I picked out a nice rose colored down alternative comforter for the bed and found some soft jersey knit sheets at a really good price.¬† We also picked up a computer desk to go in that room.¬† Tommorrow I’ll finish cleaning out the closet.¬† It’s not that there’s that much in the closet, but I keep getting side-tracked by every day life.¬†

We met my dad and his friend, Claire last night for dinner.¬† We went to The Crab Shack out on Tybee Island.¬† We were a little worried yesterday afternoon that it would be too hot for The Crab Shack.¬† The restaurant’s setting is mainly outside with a little indoor part.¬† But I guess because it’s right on the water and they have gigantic fans all over the place, it turned out to be a nice evening to eat under the giant live oaks.¬† We plan to take Holly out there after she gets here.¬† They do a terrific low country boil, among other things.¬† If you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop by for lunch or dinner.¬† It is one of the most relaxing places you’ve ever been, plus you can feed the alligators while you’re waiting for your table.

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