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We have been very busy this week since Holly’s arrival.  She arrived August 1st.  It was a long night due to the fact that her flight was delayed two hours and they didn’t have any of her bags. 

Waiting for Holly's Arrival

Waiting for Holly's Arrival

The airline delivered her luggage in two trips – the first on Saturday afternoon around 4ish and the other about  11:30 PM on Saturday night.  I know because I was awake after giving the 2nd courier directions around 10 PM.  It took all of us all weekend to recover from the events at the airport.

By Monday we were showing Holly around town.  We spread out the sights over a few days.  Tuesday and Thursday, Holly accompanied Katie to Band camp and Wednesday both girls went to Open House.  Friday was the first day of school and Holly had already met many people at school.  I’m glad she was able to ease into the chaos of high school.  I know she’s in a high school type setting at home, but I think it is probably a little overwhelming being in a high school and being surrounded by people speaking in a foreign language. 

Everyone keeps asking if Holly speaks English.  She speaks English very well.  Of course she struggles for the correct word every now and again, but other than that she is doing well.  I think she is fitting into our family very well. 

Lounging On Tybee

Lounging On Tybee



This past weekend we went to Tybee Island and spent time with the other exchange students.  Herman, Katie, Holly and I had a condo, so everyone had a place to clean up after the beach on Sunday.  Our area representatives were there as well as Jessica, whose family is hosting one of the other exchange students. There are 5 total that are going to Swainsboro High School right now – one from Norway, one from Brazil, one from Italy, and two from Germany including our Holly.  The students all seem very friendly, except for the boy from Germany who is very shy and doesn’t say much in English.  All the students enjoyed hanging out on the beach. 

We also took Holly to see The Dark Knight, which wasn’t out in Germany when she left.  Holly also wanted to do some shopping, so we took them to Savannah Mall  and Oglethorpe Mall.  I have to plan a day to go to Atlanta to do some real shopping soon

I think I almost have my house back together again after moving all of my stuff out of Holly’s room.


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