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I think this does point out just how far away from it’s original (1980’s) programming MTV has come. Now the M should stand for moronic rather than music. This video is proof…….



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Me and my baby are just hanging out watching “my big redneck wedding”.  Greased pig chase at wedding reception — AWESOME, right?

Now it’s time to watch Hank on TIVO.  Gotta catch Kate up on all the latest Hank, Luanne & Lucky developments. I just wish they would let Luanne give birth already. It might end up like Bonnie on American Dad — pregnant from day 1 for all these seasons!!

Drivin’ to “the Boro” to go to “my Cousin Vinny’s” and do some junkin. Maybe eat some wings or go to Ruby Tuesday’s. Who knows we’re gonna pretend it’s a vacation day.

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Ikea Kitten

ikea cat - some assembly required
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

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omg!!! Ontd !!!

I wish I had thought of this first…..


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another rainy day

I have fallen into a rut lately and am trying to dig myself out.  The painting inside is now done and I know have to get ready for the spring onslaught of company. Michael is going to come down for a week in April I think and help us add to our outdoor paradise (new beds & pathway).  We are hosting Easter this year, because we have a perfect yard for an Easter egg hunt. Katie (Kat) is an official MatCat which means she keeps score and such at SHS wrestling meets.  She has also made the SHS tennis team. I’ve got to get pics of her in her wrestling hoodie. She beams !!!!

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