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Are the paparazzi ever going to be held accountable for the stuff they put the famous through? I would SO be wearing my sunglasses at night. I know they are the only ones to blame. Also to blame are the media that post and pay for this footage/pictures/videos and then there’s…. US (not the United States – you and me).

When will the beast be satisfied? The most recent mass media tragedy has to be Brit-Brit. Somehow someone has to bring her back from the edge, rather than pushing her over.


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I learned a new word this week.  Lagom — (laa-gom) adj. Swedish  “enough is as good as a feast”

Lagom describes the Swedish outlook on life of good-enough. It is a state of living that appreciates moderation, equality, and finding balance in belongings, in food and drink, and between laughter and sadness. To embrace Lagom is to seek adequate food, shelter and clothing for yourself and for others. Lagom anticipates satiation when others starve at a buffet. A sustainable community requires finding just the right measure between extremes for everyone. Experience a space between too much and too little, where you nurture your environment and your environment nurtures you

I think this is an attitude that people around the world should adopt.  People would be a lot happier if we all didn’t worship at the altar of Greed & Excess.  Money isn’t everything. Being able to go to sleep at night and be happy with the way you spent your day and pleased with the things you did to make the world a better place is a lot more important than money and property.

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This was on The Daily Buzz a while back and still it’s funny every time I see it

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funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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